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Nathanael Greene Letters


Letters from Nathanael Greene written during the American Revolutionary War, 1780-1782.

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Letter to Francis Marion from Nathanael Greene, April 17, 1781
Greene requests immediate communication between American forces. On April 25, 1781, Greene was defeated at Camden by Lord Rawdon, but Marion and Lee had captured Fort Watson and cut off his communications with the coast. He was therefore forced to…

Letter to Francis Marion from Nathanael Greene, May 6, 1781
On April 25, Cornwallis had already started northward to affect a junction with General Phillips in Virginia and this cut off Greene from his northern communications. These unsuccessful tactics of Cornwallis led to his surrender in October and…

Letter to John Mathews from Nathanael Greene, October 3, 1780
This letter was written the day following the execution of British Major Andre at whose trial Nathaneal Greene was President and in that capacity signed his death warrant. It has also been asserted that it was Greene who cast the deciding vote in…

Letter to Francis Marion from Nathanael Greene, November 15, 1782
This letter discusses issues surrounding the evacuation of Charlestown by the British, and the taking possession of the city by the inhabitants and militia.
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