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Letter from Whitehall and the Council of Trade to the Earl of Sutherland, signed by Earl of Stamford (Thomas Grey), Meadows, J. Pulteney, and Cha. Tarney.

Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, recommending Edward Tynte for the position of governor, signed by Craven, Beaufort, M. Ashley, J. Colleton, and John Danson.

Eight charges delivered, at so many several general sessions, & gen'l deliveries : held at Charles Town for the Province of South Carolina in the years 1703, 1704, 1705, 1706, 1707. Together with a general charge to the Grand Juries for the said…

A legal opinion written by Nicholas Trott at the condemnation of 29 men on 2 counts of Piracy. The opinion indicates that these are men who could have crewed under both "Maj. Bonnett" and "Thatch". Of the original list of men, 22 were sentenced to…

Moultrie informs Charles Lee of the dispersement of troops in preparation for the enemy making landfall near Haddrell's Point.

Moultrie writes to Charles Lee delivering the information he recieved from Daniel Horry regarding the enemy being near to landing a few ships at Bennet's Landing, six miles from Haddrell's Point.

In this letter, Moultrie informs Charles Lee of a scouting party being unable to get close enough to discover the enemy camp and plans for retreat, if needed.

William Piercy (Percy) writes to (presumably) his sister-in-law, Susanna Smith Elliott, widow of Colonel Barnard Elliott. He reports on recent war developments. Mrs. Elliott's baby, Barnard Elliott (3rd) is mentioned. The Elliott family settled in…

John Rutledge updates the delegates of South Carolina in Congress about the war from Charlotte.

Rutledge sends description of the victory at Eutaw to the delegates of South Carolina.
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